Uganda National Cultural Centre Land Redevelopment Project


VALUE: USD 150 Million

CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Uganda National Cultural Centre 

REGION: Central

SECTOR: Arts & Culture

PHASE: Development

The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) and Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (MGSLSD) are desirous to redevelop the UNCC land to a better standard that can ably respond to the demands of the prevailing environment and for the future. UNCC occupies land at Victoria Avenue and Saiid Barre.

After 50 years of existence, the UNCC prime land is underutilized and the buildings have depreciated, naturally. The flat roof which is incompatible with the tropical climate has continued to leak despite the regular repairs. The component of the asbestos above the stage is outlawed and is overdue for replacement. The proscenium arch stage has limitations that has limitations that cannot let it fully accomodate large productions. Coupled with this is the small auditorium with a capacity of only 377 seats that was meant to serve the 4million Ugandans then. With the now 37million Ugandans the Theatre has become small. There is therefore an urgent need to renovate the current National Theatre and to put an ultlra-mordern and large Theatre at the National Theatre car park to respond to the ever growing population and the current and future developments.