PPP Committee

The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Committee is a body established under Section 5 of the PPP Act, 2015 and comprises of;

  1. Attorney General or a person appointed by him/her in writing

  2. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) or their representative

  3. Permanent Secretary of the office of the Prime Minister or their representative

  4. A Representative of the National Planning Authority

  5. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for Lands or their representative

  6. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for Local Governments or their representative

  7. Director of the PPP-U

  8. Four (4) persons who shall not be public officers consisting of;

  1. A representative of the Private Sector Foundation

  2. A representative of the Uganda Investment Authority

  3. A representative of the academia; and

  4. A retired judge

The functions of the PPP Committee are provided for under Section 7 of the PPP Act, 2015



  1. Christine N.B. Kitumba JSC (Rtd)

Hon. Justice Christine Kitumba is a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Uganda. She sits on the Committee as a retired Judge in accordance with S.5 (2)(a)(iv) of the PPP Act 2015. Justice C. Kitumba holds an LLB from the University of Dar es salam and a Master of Laws from The Queens University of Belfast. She was appointed member of the Committee on 31st March 2016.

  1. Mr. Robert V. Nyombi

Mr. Nyombi represents the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development on the Committee. He is the Assistant Commissioner for Land Registration in the Ministry. Mr. Robert was appointed to the Committee on 4th April 2016.

  1. Dr. Kenneth Semwogere

Dr. Semwogerere is a representative of the academia on the Committee. He is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Physical Planning at Makerere University. Dr. Kenneth is a certified PPP specialist. He holds a PhD in construction Management and a Master of Science in engineering and technology both from Rostov University of Civil Engineering, Russia and a Bachelor of Architecture from Makerere University. Dr. Kenneth was appointed to the Committee on 21st December 2015.

  1. Mr. Richard Kaijuka

Mr. Richard Kaijuka represents the Private Sector Foundation on the Committee. He previously served as a Minister in the Finance and Energy sectors and has vast knowledge on public private sector investments. Mr. Richard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of East Africa and is an expert in banking and finance.

  1. Dr. Albert Byamugisha

Dr. Byamugisha represents the Office of the Prime Minister on the Committee. He is a monitoring and evaluation expert with a PhD in monitoring and evaluation from Kobe University-Japan, a Master of Science in Statistics from the University of Sheffield- UK and a Bachelor of statistics and applied economics from Makerere University.

  1. Mr. Christopher Gashirabake

Mr. Gashirabake represents the Attorney General/ Ministry of Justice on the PPP Committee. He currently heads the Directorate of Legal and Advisory Services. Christopher is a lawyer by profession with a Bachelor and Master of Laws from Makerere University. He also has certificates in International Loan Negotiation and Renegotiation, Contractual claims and Dispute resolution and international project procurement and contract negotiation.

  1. Dr. Patrick B. Birungi

Dr. Birungi represents the National Planning Authority on the Committee. He is an economist by profession. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Pretoria, a Masters and a Bachelor of Economics from Makerere University. Dr. Burungi currently serves as the Director Development and Planning in the National Planning Authority.

  1. Mr. Yasin Sendaula

Mr. Yasin Sendaula represents the Ministry of Local government on the Committee. Yasin has vast experience in accounting and finance, compliance and inspection, institutional development, development project management among other areas. He is currently an Acting Commissioner Urban Inspection and projects coordinator in the Ministry. Yasin holds a Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University, a Master of Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management- Netherlands and a Bachelor of Business Studies from the Islamic University in Uganda.